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The Soul IntegrationTM Process by The THEO Group, Inc.

A Path of Self Discovery and Genuine Transformation

Imagine a life full of love, non-judgment, compassion, joy, fulfilling relationships, abundance, empowerment, miracles, purpose, passion, freedom, vibrant health, optimism, awareness and emotional mastery. What if there was a way to shift the limiting beliefs about yourself into empowered beliefs- enabling you to easily move through the fear and resistance that may have held you back from living the life of your dreams?

  • Identify and change self-limiting beliefs and perceptions
  • Develop self love and empowerment
  • Learn to live authentically; live in your truth
  • Master your emotions
  • Manifest deeply fulfilling relationships
  • Clarity of purpose and direction

Your Ultimate Goal: Greater peace within.

“Happiness many seek is truly a peace in the heart and comfortableness of being in your skin and in your life. Your response to situations, circumstances and challenges will have changed. You will not feel victimized but know you have the ability to transmute all energies. With this integration there is that self-love that permeates the atmosphere in your life that draws unto you that manifestation flow of ease. There is a relinquishment of time and space and a knowingness on the inner that all is well. No matter what is on the outer. They are only opportunities of growth and that would be felt. How you respond to those opportunities will be with peace and not angst. You feel empowered.” – THEO

Learn how to allow the Law of Attraction to work optimally for you:

“Receptivity is the key to all of it, you see, for you think the good thoughts, you have the ideas, the desires. But as you place those intentions in the quantum field of the universal energies, there must be an open heart to receive, a belief that you are worthy of all these desires being met, and that is what the integrative process allows for.” – THEO

Through this process, self limiting beliefs are released and one returns to a state of natural harmony and alignment. As your facilitator I will take you step by step into this integrative process of transformation.

Sessions last 60 minutes each and are available on Zoom, Skype or Face Time. Please contact me for a free consultation to see if this process is a fit for you.