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About Deng Ming-Dao

Deng Ming-Dao has trained in a variety of Chinese martial arts since 1975. His teachers have come from Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and two Taoist mountains, Huashan and Wudangshan. He has been most involved with the internal systems of Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, and Taijiquan, and he has given many popular workshops to introduce Chinese martial arts and Taoist wellness techniques.
In addition, he is an author, artist, and book designer. His latest book is Every Journey Begins With a Single Step published in 2018.

Among his other books are: 365 Tao; Chronicles of Tao; Scholar Warrior; Everyday Tao; The Lunar Tao; The Living I Ching; Zen, The Art of Modern Eastern Cooking; and The Wisdom of the Tao. His books have been translated into eighteen languages.

His woodcut prints are in the collection of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, Achenbach Foundation; Brooklyn Museum; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Oakland Museum; Plains Art Museum, as well as corporate and private collections.

Deng Ming-Dao has taught classes for his teachers and has given workshops for many years. He is able to bring rapid improvement to any student and he can present many complex ideas of Taoism and Chinese martial arts in an accessible way.

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There is street parking available at Louden Nelson Community Center, however, if the parking spots are all taken, click here for additional nearby parking. (The parking lot by the Police Station is free and closest to Louden Nelson Center, about a 1 minute walk, located at 155 Center St.)

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