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Master Deng Ming-Dao – Jan. 25-26, 2019 – Everyone is Welcome!

Muscle and Tendon Change Qigong and T’ai Chi Chuan 24 Form

The Muscle Change Classic is one of two legendary sets of qigong from Bodhidharma, the twenty-eighth Zen patriarch. Preserved in the famous Shaolin monastery, this set of twelve simple exercises improves stamina, makes muscles both supple and strong, builds internal strength, and channels energy through the body’s meridians. It has long been considered a fundamental approach to wellness.

Taijiquan 24 (T’ai Chi Ch’uan) is an essential crystallization of Yang Family Taiji. It gives us effortless movement through relaxation and slowness. Deep breathing circulates internal energy throughout our body, allowing our tensions to ebb and our natural clarity to emerge. Regular practice brings improved health, fitness, muscular strength, and balance. No other movement art gives us such unity of body, mind, and spirit. Come learn this vital form that leads to profound health—and more!

The Taijiquan 24 Workshop is a two-part workshop series, to be continued, April 5-6.

Friday, Jan. 25, 7:00 pm-9:00 pm and
Saturday, Jan. 26, 9:00am-5:00pm (Lunch break, 12pm-2pm)
Location: Louden Nelson Center – 301 Center St., Santa Cruz, CA

MORE INFO: or call Linda 831 334 7757
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Cost before Jan. 12 – $100
after Jan. 12 – $125
Please mail check to: Linda Gerson/Awakening Chi, 745 Pine St., Santa Cruz, CA, 95062

About Deng Ming Dao

Deng Ming-Dao is an author, martial artist, and Taoist. Over the course of four decades, he has trained with five teachers in Taijiquan, the internal arts of Xingyiquan and Baguazhang, qigong, philosophy and meditation. He is known nationally and internationally for ten books including Chronicles of Tao; 365 Tao, a book of daily meditations, and Scholar Warrior, a book showing how exercises, meditations, and philosophy combine into a single spiritual path. His most recent book is “The Wisdom of the Tao”. Deng’s books have been translated into sixteen languages.

He has taught through various martial arts schools, including the classes of his Taoist master, Kwan Saihung, the subject of the book, Chronicles of Tao (‘The Wandering Taoist’ trilogy).


There is street parking available at Louden Nelson Community Center, however, if the parking spots are all taken, click here for additional nearby parking. (The parking lot by the Police Station is free and closest to Louden Nelson Center, about a 1 minute walk, located at 155 Center St.)


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