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Class Schedule

See our class schedule below. These are subject to change.

Monday and Tuesday, 10:00-11:15am

The Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center
1060 River St., #111, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Wednesday and Thursday, 10:00-11:15am 

Ocean View Park
102 Ocean View Ave., Santa Cruz, CA, 95062

Thursday Evening, 6:15pm

On Zoom

NOTE: In case we go outside, please bring supportive shoes, loose clothing, & layers.

Class Format:

  • Warm-ups: Gentle Stretches, to open up the joints of the body.
  • Chi Gong: Eight Pieces of Brocade and Muscle Change Classic or Marrow Washing Classic
  • Floor stretches
  • Hua Tuo Five Animal Frolics: Hua Tuo Five Animal Frolics is one of the oldest and most well known styles of qigong in China.
  • Basic Taijiquan Eight, Yang Style. This form is popular for its simplicity and it requires little space. It is symmetric. Also known as Taijiquan 10 form.
  • Taijiquan 24 Form: A Yang style Taijiquan; a traditional form practiced worldwide

We practice Chi Gong before Tai Chi in order to build stances, flexibility, awareness of the meridians and special acupuncture points (like the Bubbling Wells or the Dantian), coordinated movement, strength, balance, and ability to step from one stance to another. If one has basic abilities gained through the warmups, qigong, and stretches, then progress in Tai Chi will be that much faster. Furthermore, if one can open their meridians through basic qigong and has already built basic stamina and power, then one can use the Tai Chi set to circulate and compound energy.

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